About Us

Firstly, thank you for coming through to Heckin Pawfect - it means a lot to us!

We're a small business of myself (Chris), my partner (Nat) and our two rescue dogs, Holly & Reggie.

Our family have almost always adopted rescues, each with their own character and background. We've had the escape artists; How did they even get out of that harness? We've had the nervous and reactive; Is that them hiding under that bush? Not only that, but we've even had the incredibly active ones; Where almost no squirrel would be safe in these woods.

With each dog, we experienced the same problem - how do we make them more visible? For us, these LED dog collars have meant that other walkers can see our dog that is on a lead and/or in training, even on the early morning and late evening winter walks. It's meant that if they slipped out of the harness, we could spot them easily and get to them before anything bad happened. More than anything, it's given us peace of mind.

Our previous dog Buddy suffered severely of arthritis and as a result we found that we spent 100's of pounds trying to find a bed that would keep him comfy and protected from the hard floor. Having been through a vast range of beds we know through experience what a good bed requires, which is why we have our range of orthopaedic beds.

This is also the reason why we are always looking into ways of giving back. We want to give back to the charities and trusts that have supported not only us, but the many families rescuing dogs around the country. So please help us by shouting out your charity!

As always, we're always available for any questions, concerns or shout-outs you have, hit the 'contact' or direct message us on Instagram @heckinpawfect

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us!

Chris & Nat